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Ryan Whittaker

After beginning his career with the Soho House Group, Ryan specialised in interior design for boutique commercial clients, such as hotels, restaurants and bars.

After designing yet another hotel room, Ryan decided to take a break and trained with his curtain maker, as his first love was always the fabric. It was a brilliant move and has led to a successful career combining design and making.

An adventurous spirit and love affair with colour mean Ryan has the confidence to work across a whole palette of tones, colours and textures.

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Pete Eastwood

Trained as an artist with a degree in Fine Art and The History of Art followed much later studying for a Masters in Management, Pete is able to run the spreadsheets and finances, but spends most of his time in the workroom making curtains, which he equates to feeling just like drawing.

Flirtations with corporate careers and management meetings, led to Pete coming back to a creative world of manufacturing, 

His artistic background means he has a good eye for composition and balance, but he's not all head-in-the-clouds, as he (too lovingly) curates a collection of power tools and carries out all the fittings.

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Let's be honest, she's really in charge around here.

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