Wonderful Wallpaper


Transform your room

We are specialists in wallpapers and wallcoverings, having over 100 current pattern books. We love wallpaper and the way it can add pattern and texture to a room - even the ceiling.

The latest technology means many papers are now easy to hang yourself, but some of the more exquisite papers are super-wide, super-heavy or need expert handling to hang right and cleanly. We recommend master wallpaper hangers who are experienced in the finest quality papers and coverings to give you a perfect finish.

You can see a list of our brands here, and the logos connect you direct to their site so you can look at all they offer. If you want samples, let us know and as a stockist we arrange them free of charge for you.

Many wallpapers are now quite easy to hang with paste the wall types becoming more popular, but we can also recommend trusted master wallpaper hangers if you want that perfect finish.