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Heavy lifting with  gentle footsteps

Our interior design philosophy

We start with a clean slate.

If you just wanted our style, you could move into our spare room... but we aren't even friends yet. We strongly believe that a good designer helps you find your style, rather than imposing their own on you. As a result we have created interiors in every conceivable look; traditional to the height of contemporary design, with calming neutrals to flamboyant colour - always with the same attention to detail.

It can be daunting for many people thinking about updating their home or business. That's where we come in. With an in depth knowledge of options and the ability to create combinations and settings that both look great AND deliver what you need in terms of practicality and purpose, we do the heavy lifting so you are able to make simple choices. We pride ourselves on having gentle footsteps, so the result is all about you.

With experience in residential and commercial design, give us a call if you'd like a no obligation meeting to discuss your plans.

Our Design Process

Let’s meet


We think it’s important that you get to know a little about us and what we can do; our processes, experience, portfolio and pricing.  At the same time we want to find out about you. It’s a chance to say hello, and goodbye if necessary – you’ll want designers who you like and can connect with, and to feel confident we can deliver on our promises.


At this meeting – probably at your home – we will also talk about what you want to achieve, timescales for completion and your budget.  Yes, we said ‘budget’, it’s the most difficult question to ask but it’s crucial for all of us to progress.


There is no cost for this stage; we welcome the opportunity to meet you. 


Our proposal


If the initial meeting went well and we all want to go forward we then spend a little time preparing an outline plan to include:


  • Lookbooks – we collate images that we think represent the type of design you are after – an overview that helps get us on the same page before we charge any fees.

  • Confirm budget – we’ll do some early estimates on costs to check that we can meet your budget.


This will be sent over to you by email and followed up by phone to talk it through. Once again, all this is free of charge.


After this you should be in a position to decide if you wish to go ahead on a full project with us.



Project kick start

£500 for the initial room, and £300 for subsequent rooms.


The project start with a meeting to gather the detail. Good interior design is about form AND function, so we will go through each space and major items to nail the specs. We will also spend a bit more time understanding your design likes and dislikes, to build on our Lookbooks.


We will then spend time preparing full costs to finalise the budget, layout plans and design schemes per space, and will return with 2D plans, lists of the items included, plus colours, textures, fabrics etc.


In a perfect world we would get this right first time, but we do expect some back and forth with you to refine the designs.



Making it all happen


From here on in it will be specific to your project. We will be there every step of the way, making sure everything is delivered as agreed, and the details are perfect. We can work directly with any trades and professionals or liaise with your own.





Payment for the kick start step is due once you decide to go ahead with the project and is non-refundable. Depending on the scope of the project and budget involved we will agree a payment scheme in writing along with a scoping plan – all very transparent.



Get in touch


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